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The companies Pieter Mouritsen and Airtech announce merger

Sharing a lot of customers from industrial sectors as oil, gas, wind and as well the process industry, the two companies, that originally have the same owner, see a good opportunity to merge.

For customers the merger means everything from nothing to even better opportunities to achieve customized solutions, because the two houses together contain innovative power and experience, that will benefit customers across the various industries.

The merger will be official as from March 26. 2020, and the goal is to achieve a stronger foundation for growth and development.

All customers, suppliers and other partners can expect, to be guided individually in relation to how the minimal changes will affect on them.

On our websites and SoMe you will be able to keep up to date with how fare we have come with the merger.

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“Professional and trusted partner.”
I have always enjoyed working together with Airtech. They are an extremely professional and trusted partner for Graco who brings high value to our customers in Denmark. Airtech is, like Graco, very innovative and together we have developed and supplied many solutions which improve our customers quality, productivity and efficiency. When it comes...
Dan Törnqvist, Business Development Specialist, Graco
“A profitable cooperation.”
Airtech is an exiting company which both bubbles with energy and ideas, but also has the foundation to release the growth potential through a well-educated staff and a solid financial foundation
Lars Thorup, Consultant, Væksthus Syddanmark
“Excellent cooperation”
I thank you for everything, I hope to be able to find more jobs for you in the future, am very pleased with the work you do for us.
Head of Maintenance, Leading global wind turbine manufacturer
“Good job!”
Your documentation package is very structured and easy to work with. Very professional. Thank you very much!
Head of Maintenance , Wind blade production site in North Africa

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