Two well established Danish companies merge today. Airtech A/S and Pieter Mouritsen have a lot of shared customers from the process industry as well as the energy sector.

“The merger creates a better foundation for a stable growth”, states the owner of both companies.

These two Danish companies Pieter Mouritsen A/S and Airtech A/S unite economy as well as all employees. The purpose is to establish a stronger foundation for growth and innovation and to adapt to a rapidly developing market.

- As one company we will be able to execute our ambitions for development in an even higher pace, strengthen our already good culture and ensure a larger critical mass in our different organizational functions. Our joint ownership makes it natural to take the next step merging and thus be able to push the good development in both companies even more, says CEO of the new merged company, Claus Andersen.

He adds that several customers have already received the message extremely well and launched activities to expand the cooperation. Together the two companies are particularly specialized within the energy sector. They deliver everything from spare parts to complete solutions to off-shore as well as on-shore locations. This includes specific knowledge of surface treatment and fluids like composites and glue and atex/zone classification.

It is originally Pieter Mouritsen, who has founded both companies, which are both located in Vejle. With the merger the managing director position has been given to Claus Andersen, after which Mouritsen himself will be responsible for business development and customer relations.

- Since 2003 where I founded Pieter Mouritsen A/S and later on Airtech A/S, the head lines have been that the company had to be proitable, a nice place to work and especially a company, that had the courage to create new possibilities. With two strong and consolidated companies as Pieter Mouritsen A/S and Airtech A/S we have a possibility to meet the future and create one united company, which is still going strong in 50 years. It makes me proud to help ensuring progress, both as local workplace and in the business, says Pieter Mouritsen.

The merger takes place prior to the coming new financial year, and the new merged company will have one VAT number. A new name and a new visual identity will be a summer event.

For customers the merger means everything from nothing to even better opportunities to achieve customized solutions. The two houses contain innovative power and experience, that will benefit customers across the various industries.

All customers, suppliers and other partners and can expect, to be guided individually in relation to how the minimal changes will affect on them. On our websites and the social medias, you will be able to keep up to date with how far we have come with the merger.


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