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Development is the Alpha and Omega for us. We want to be the player that innovates our industry.

We believe that we have gathered the right core team for this, consisting of a mix of experienced profiles with knowledge of the industry and technology, and experienced professionals from other industries such as commerce, consulting and production.

“Airtech is an exciting company that is bursting with energy and ideas, but also has the capability to utilise the growth potential, with well-trained staff and a sound economic foundation.” 

Consultant Lars Thorup, Væksthus Syddanmark

We are people who in principle are driven by creating development. We seek to achieve a culture in which we are constantly challenging ourselves to do things even smarter. An example is how we view the customers’ and our own processes as one overall process that can be optimised. Often with the consequence of lower prices or eliminated workflows for our customers.

We consider participation in various innovation forums to be vital for our ongoing development as a leader within our work areas, thereby continuously challenging and inspiring our customers for ongoing innovation. Below are some examples of development activities in which we have participated:

  • Development project with Force Technology: Quality in the casting of composite panels – manual versus automatic blending. Preparation of a white paper.
  • Paper and poster at the European Wind Energy Association’s conference, EWEA 2012
  • Børsen’s Management Handbooks for Supply Chain Management: Article on understanding value chains
  • Energy at sea – participation in a development project for operators in the offshore wind industry
  • Book: Stakeholder Management: Case description of Airtech’s book from the University of Southern Denmark

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