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Airtech was founded in 2007 to help our customers perform better surface treatment. After 10 years on the market, we have a highly motivated staff which do their best to give the best service in the market and supply solution matching any customer need.

At Airtech we want to create long lasting value for our customers and other partners. Our concept for servicing equipment,training of personell and supporting in improving production processes, are all examples of how we add value to our customers in other areas than supplying high quality equipment.

We always look at the customers business and their needs and use a holistic approach including investment, material usage, time consumption and environmental sustainability. No matter if it is technical support or help from our back-office, our goal is to supply a professional and competent service.

  “Airtech has a clear strategic understanding for supporting the customers’ value chain processes and thereby increasing the customers’ competitiveness. The foundation for doing this is a deep knowledge about the most important production processes at each customer. Only by having this understanding, Airtech are able to document how they can create a growing value for the customer. Such an insight makes it possible to Airtech’s specialized and updated knowledge into use with the customers’ needs and requirements. In a close cooperation Airtech and the customer can then develop valuable solutions for both parties.”

Svend Ole Madsen, Lecturer, dept. of Environmental and Business economy, University of Southern Denmark

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