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The introduction of new equipment and production processes often makes new requirements of employees’ skills. Skills development is therefore vital to making the most of your investment.

Airtech offers various types of skills development, as specific courses for your company and also as open generalist courses. The courses all share in common that they are highly varied and include a large element of practical training, which involves working on machines. The courses are either held in the customer's facilities or at Airtech. The target group for the courses is operators, maintenance staff, QC and management.

Our current training programmes are listed below:

  • Quality of surface treatment/QAQC Awareness (2-day course)
  • Training programme for maintenance staff
  • Peer training of maintenance officers
  • Training programme for operators
  • ATEX course – introduction to ATEX (1-day course)

We also have experience from developing broader competence development processes in cooperation with educational institutions.

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Advisory services

Investment in new technology does not necessarily mean high output, good quality and satisfied employees. From several quarters we can see a growing need for advisory services in the individual phases of introducing new technology. This applies from the preparation of requirements and specifications in the early phases, to training personnel groups and customizing work processes in conjunction with implementation.

Our specialists’ many years of experience from practical production processes, and also from machine construction and design, enable us to offer our customers unique advisory services that no other provider can match.

Some of our advisory services are listed below:

  • Assessment of existing production facilities and processes (management report)
  • Business-case based investment proposals (management report)
  • Specification of requirements for new equipment
  • Supplier qualification and selection
  • Optimisation of work processes
  • Warehouse Management and Logistics
  • Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)



Thanks to close collaboration with Graco, Airtech has access to a valuable source called Graco University.

Graco University

With a single log-in we give our customers access to a unique digital platform, where you can deepen your knowledge of the Graco product range, stay updated and keep up with innovative product development.

As our customer, you will have the opportunity to enhance your skills on either a PC, mobile or tablet at any time, even when you're on the go.


“Professional and trusted partner.”
I have always enjoyed working together with Airtech. They are an extremely professional and trusted partner for Graco who brings high value to our customers in Denmark. Airtech is, like Graco, very innovative and together we have developed and supplied many solutions which improve our customers quality, productivity and efficiency. When it comes...
Dan Törnqvist, Business Development Specialist, Graco
“A profitable cooperation.”
Airtech is an exiting company which both bubbles with energy and ideas, but also has the foundation to release the growth potential through a well-educated staff and a solid financial foundation
Lars Thorup, Consultant, Væksthus Syddanmark
“Excellent cooperation”
I thank you for everything, I hope to be able to find more jobs for you in the future, am very pleased with the work you do for us.
Head of Maintenance, Leading global wind turbine manufacturer
“Good job!”
Your documentation package is very structured and easy to work with. Very professional. Thank you very much!
Head of Maintenance , Wind blade production site in North Africa

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