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Repair & Maintenance

Efficient service and maintenance are the key to minimising disruptions.

At Airtech we have strong focus on protecting your output and ensuring that your equipment is working optimally. This can be achieved through training/instruction/workshops, technical assistance, and preventive and periodic inspection of the equipment, or as required.

Our service staff have many years’ experience, extensive knowledge and full awareness of the importance of high operational reliability.

Our approach to equipment maintenance is inspired by “TPM”, or “Total Productive Maintenance”, which denotes different working methods that can improve a company’s production efficiency. In close dialogue with the individual customer, the tools that are more appropriate for the given situation are selected.

Fixed service agreements based on preventive maintenance according to established routines are often established with customers that operate continuous production and set high uptime requirements for their production facilities.
A service agreement with Airtech ensures that your equipment runs optimally, and that the risk of downtime is minimised, while extending the equipment’s lifetime.
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“Professional and trusted partner.”
I have always enjoyed working together with Airtech. They are an extremely professional and trusted partner for Graco who brings high value to our customers in Denmark. Airtech is, like Graco, very innovative and together we have developed and supplied many solutions which improve our customers quality, productivity and efficiency. When it comes...
Dan Törnqvist, Business Development Specialist, Graco
“A profitable cooperation.”
Airtech is an exiting company which both bubbles with energy and ideas, but also has the foundation to release the growth potential through a well-educated staff and a solid financial foundation
Lars Thorup, Consultant, Væksthus Syddanmark
“Excellent cooperation”
I thank you for everything, I hope to be able to find more jobs for you in the future, am very pleased with the work you do for us.
Head of Maintenance, Leading global wind turbine manufacturer
“Good job!”
Your documentation package is very structured and easy to work with. Very professional. Thank you very much!
Head of Maintenance , Wind blade production site in North Africa

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